Kyoto, Uji, experiences with exceptional Japanese locals

Uji is southeast of Kyoto, the cultural capital, and Nara, the ancient capital.

Uji is known for its specialty, tea, as well as the Byodo-in temple; listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site found on 10 yen Japanese coins.
All the know-how related to the culture of tea has been transmitted from generation to generation.

However, Uji has other unrecognized hidden charms.
Uji artisans have a long history and have been involved in the art business for several generations. We have a unique network of relationships that allows us to introduce you to the best of them, for unique experiences, to enjoy Japan, Kyoto and Uji even more deeply.

“Roji Ura Journey” can be translated as “A day in the hidden alleys”.
We offer you a slightly deeper experience where you can get a glimpse of the locals’ life, as if you had lost yourself, off the beaten tracks and mass tourism.

An immersive experience in the world of Zen
to become aware of your present “self”,
while enjoying tea.

Did you know that Zen; a way of thinking focused on well-being,
mindfulness and meditation, is in fact closely related to tea? In Uji, you can
experience Zen from different angles. Prepare your spiritual day! Forget the
hustle and bustle of everyday life, and take the time to focus on
finding your inner self today at Uji.

Our experiences

At any time, enjoy an immersive realistic
experience as if you were there.

For some experiences offered by “Roji Ura journey”, we can use virtual reality. Cultural assets and workshops, with their precious ambiances and settings, may not be accessible depending on the seasons or the craftsmen’s schedule, nor may natural landscapes, such as tea fields, which change seasonally. We would like you to see this when you come to Japan, to immerse yourself in Uji and its four seasons.
It is with this in mind that we have integrated virtual reality equipment.
New technologies can help to understand and get closer to this know-how, while having a better idea of ​​the cultural and artistic spirit of Uji. “Roji ura journey” offers a modern immersive solution to promote and transmit ancestral know-how transmitted from generation to generation which must be able to endure in the future.

Legal representative

Tsugumi Miyoshi

After graduating from college, Miyoshi-san engaged in selling tour groups for a large agency for 6 years. She has traveled all over Japan as well as several places around the world where she has had enriching experiences. Subsequently, she founded TAJIRO Kobo Co., Ltd., an art business venture with her mother, who is a painter, with the idea of ​​"bringing art closer to oneself". We started the “Roji Ura Journey” project with the idea of ​​making the charm of Uji, the city where we live, as well as its artisans and artists, visible to as many people as possible.

Travel designer

Dehari Yumiko

Yumiko was born and raised in Uji Uji's exceptional artisans also help create unique experiences. This allows us to offer you an absolute and local immersion in Uji.


Ishizaki Yuta


Pierre Verney


Kutsuwada Yukie

tea farmer WACHAEN

Ueda Osamu



Repro inc.

Ishikawa Takeshi


Nakajima Nami

painting artist

Nakaya Tankoh


Historically, tea has always been a touristic resource for the city of Uji in Kyoto Prefecture.
“Roji ura Journey” offers immersive encounters to discover various tea producers.
You'll learn about their philosophy through experiences like tea ceremony, calligraphy,
zazen, Buddhist art, ikebana, artwork restoration, crafts, and art. With the theme of
meditation and mindfulness, deeply linked to the tea culture in Uji, discover your
“inner self”. Take advantage of this precious time to rediscover yourself and embark
on a real “local trip” through the alleys of Uji.